Richard Lee Givens Bio

Cinematographer - Filmmaker - Storyteller

Cinematographer - Filmmaker - Storyteller

Richard Lee Givens is an actor and filmmaker who appeared as an Operations Division Ensign in Star Trek: Insurrection.


Richard attended L.A. Valley College for Radio Broadcasting , instructed by the late KROQ D.J. Spacin’ Scott Mason, and then Trade School for Computers and worked as a computer operator until he found his main interest in the acting and entertainment business.


Richard Lee Givens founded the production company "L.A. Beats Entertainment", which produced and distributed the action film Rampart (2005), the drama Broken Glass (2006), The Horror film Zombies Unleashed (2010), a family comedy known as A Little Problem (2014), a hood film with a message 'The Park' (2017) available on amazon prime.    Richard Lee Givens served as writer on Rampart and as director, producer, and actor on all five films. Richard is currently, (8/11/2019) working on 'The Date' (2020), (in production/filming).


In addition, Richard Lee Givens appeared as Butch Lewis in the 1995 drama Tyson, with James B. Sikking, Paul Winfield, George Murdock, Lilyan Chauvin, Reg E. Cathey, Michael Jace, David LeBell, Miguel Perez, Ray Reinhardt, and stunt coordination by Gene LeBell.

Richard Givens Owned & Operated the very first Blues Cafe in the Town of Apple Valley, California know as Mattie's Blues Café, where he offered up Live Music, Soul Food and Dancing, while hosting events for entertainment industry professionals and the community of Apple Valley.  After checking the Blues Cafe off his bucket list Richard moved on and continues to entertain audiences world wide with his motion picture producing, directing, acting, singing and theatrical attributes.